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Prana+Therapy is a unique blend of purifying, cleansing high quality organic and wild crafted 100% pure essential oils. Prana+Therapy works through a combined effort known as synergy. This unique remedy is administered through inhalation and absorption.


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My friend's kid loves PranaTherapy and cannot get enough, saying more over and over, we love that he loves it so much.
Dhruva and Jahnavi, Torbay


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Did you know, that over sanitising is making you sick?

Over sanitising is making you sick!  The reason for this is many products available at supermarkets and shops contain alcohol and bleach.  Wouldn't you prefer a natural option and BYO (Bring Your Own)?


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Use on Babies and Children

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Some of our oils and their benefits which are made more effective through Synergy

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Our new addition to the Prana+Therapy range of offerings

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Prana+Therapy Re-Brand

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