What is Prana+Therapy and how can one formulation have so many applications?

The true beauty of Prana+Therapy is its ability as a complete answer.

Not only can Prana+Therapy be used for your home, body, skin & mind but it's even beneficial for your pets, and more!

In short it has to do with the active ingredients.

  • There are 19 pure organic, wild crafted, medicinal grade essential oils that all work together in synergy, making each oil 100+ times more potent than if it was used individually.

  • The second most important part to understand about the Prana+Therapy formulation is that these 19 oils are added in a precise order and added in a precise dosage to the dilution ratio.

  • It is the dilution ratio that makes this formula both effective and at the same time beneficial for all to use.

  • The Prana+Therapy essential oil infusion is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic.

  • It is ideal for counteracting harmful pathogens that can play havoc with your health.

  • However this single formula is also working collectively to restore, nurture and balance a multitude of skin and other bodily afflictions.

  • This is how and why this one formulation can address and correct so many imbalances in the home, your body, skin and even your pets.


    Independent Testing - Results

    We had Prana+Therapy tested at Hill Laboratory in Hamilton NZ with the following results.

    • E. coli reduced 99.90% after one minute and 99.998% after five minutes.

    • Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) reduced 56.52% after one minute and 99.43% after five minutes.

    • Pseudomnas aeruginosa reduced 74.36% after one minute and 99.78% after five minutes.

    We know that you will find these results to be nothing short of mind blowing and offer a glimpse in to the effectiveness and power of Prana+Therapy.


    What Our Customers Are Saying

    LOVE LOVE LOVE My Prana+Therapy

    Esme July 2021 (Google Review)

    Love LOVE LOVE my pranatherapy spray! Not only do I use mine as an eco cleaning product (we have a eco septic tank) but I also use it in my diffuser, bedlinen & bathroom spray, in my car and on my (very smelly) dog! #natureshero As a mum who lives with all boys, it's a win/win. Highly recommend!!


    This got me hooked... (and it saves me money!)

    I was looking for a product that I could keep handy on my dresser to refresh my skin, remove make up etc... a retail assistant suggested this product, telling me it would do all that and so much more as it also tones and cleanses skin plus more... I was skeptical at first but after using on my skin Heavenly Creature leaves me with a feeling of being refreshed (I love it so much more than what I was using before, and cheaper too!) and it so much more versatile, I can even clean with it...
    My favourite use is to spray it around my rooms and breathe it in... it makes my home smell fresh and inviting - people are always complimenting on how my home smells so nice...
    I now buy 5KG Eco Warrior and use it to refill other products in the range...
    Thank you! xx


    Nothing beats Prana for versatility

    This product is so versatile, I use it for cleaning the house, the car, tools and I don't have to think much about what product I need, I just use this one, I've got rid of 7 toxic products out of my cupboards already and as I'm discovering more uses I'm sure that will increase. I also, keep it handy while I'm working on projects so I can clean and sanitise my hands if I cut myself.
    Thanks :)  

    I used to hate cleaning now I love it!

    My home smells amazing, my surfaces sparkle, and I feel good after using Clean Fiend, (vs the headaches I used to get from the spray & wipe I used to buy), I love that it's also safe to use around my pets.... and it's great that I can re-fill the bottle, so I feel like I'm doing my bit for Mother Earth too. :) Thank you for creating this fantastic product!



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