Prana+Therapy Formula 5kg - Refill for other smaller containers

$144.00 Refill Price (Mangawhai only)

All uses including large areas

Our Prana+Therapy essential oil blend is designed to help you relax and unwind, feel invigorated, sleep deeper, breathe easier. Blended with 19 organic medical grade essential oils and based on aromatherapy principles they work synergistically to help promote well-being and vitality for body, mind & soul.

One-stop shop - for businesses and homes:

  • Refill  other smaller Prana+Therapy containers

Also, use for:

  • Mopping
  • Laundry
  • Carpet cleaning machines
  • Floor steamer
  • Car: tyres, wheels, dash, windows, carpet cleaner, exterior areas


Need a bit of leverage? Try the handy 5KG & 20KG cap opener.

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Winter-Spring-Summer or Fall “Clean Fiend” does it all!

With each and spray, through inhalation, you receive the …… powers of Prana+Therapy

This is known as ………… The P.H.E. Effect


Kitchen: Clean, shine, refresh and sanitise

Spray, rub and wipe: Benchtops- appliances-cutting broads- screens -windows-remove wax and pesticides from produce. Spray and leave burns & cuts, Spray to deodorise.


Bathroom: Clean and Sanitise

Spray, rub and wipe: Shower-sink-mirror-tub-toilet


General cleaning: Clean and refresh

Spay cloth and wipe: dusting


Personal care implements: Clean and sanitise

Soak: Make-up brushes- hairbrushes- combs- hair clips-manicure & oral implements


Body: Soothe-calm-clean and sanitise

Spray and leave: feminine hygiene-body-face -feet-rashes-dry irritated skin-sunburns-cold sores -underarm spray- mouth wash-piercings-dry scalp- finishing hair rinse for shine


Car: Clean and shine

For a quick clean and shine: spray direct on body, windows and hubcaps(for best results spray and clean one area at a time)

Spray cloth & wipe: dash, seats, car seats, knobs and handles

Recommended Item: Cap Opener.
Caps are sealed tightly to avoid leaks during transit, and this handy tool makes opening caps easy for one person to do.

NOTE: full details of where and when to drop your bottles for re-fill are contained in your order confirmation email.

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