Forget Me Not Essentials Pack


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for facial toning and rejuvenating


1x Mana Bohdi Oil with dropper -100ml

Infused with Prana+Therapy formulation of 19 pure organic synergised essential oils: a cell-renewing elixir that calms redness, inflammation, restores and nourishes the skin. Infused into a base mixture of powerful rich antioxidants, fatty acids, gamma-

linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid (LA). It neutralises free radicals, to hydrate, promote cell regeneration and protect the skin from environmental damage.

Best stored below 30 degrees Celsius. Keep out of the heat and direct sunlight.

1x Gua Sha 


Skin Stimulating Facial Tool


  • Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Deals with Cystic acne. 
  • Reduces inflammation   
  • Reduces Puffiness. 
  • Say goodbye to dark circles and dull complexion. 
  • Softens Wrinkles and Fine Lines. 
  • Contours & Sculpts Jawline and Cheekbones.

Gua Sha Facials are also known as the 'Eastern facelift”, due to their contouring effect. It also does wonders for getting rid of puffiness or under-eye discolouration, as it removes excess fluid and improves blood flow. 

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