Prana+Therapy Formula 100ml

$22.95 Refill Price (Mangawhai only)

Prana+Therapy 100ml 

Our formula is ideal when you are away, at play or at home to stay!

camping, boating, hiking, skiing, surfing, etc

Personal care: spray to refresh body, face and hands. Soothe razor rash, sunburn, bites, stings and dry chapped skin. Spray for feminine hygiene, relief and restoration.

In a pinch; use as mouth wash and deodorant,
For refreshing toothpaste and extra long-lasting deodorant: mix ½ tsp soda bicarbonate and spray 4x  then mix, brush and rub!

Clean & sanitise dirty things:
Hotel/motel; phones, knobs, pens. Freshen sheets, and headboards, restaurant tables & utensils. For extra insurance; Spray toilets, sinks, tubs and showers. Movie theatre, aeroplanes, train and bus seats and armrest.

To find out all of the uses and how to use download here our checklist and protocols


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