Vital Clear Sinus Mini Pack


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Prana+Therapy Sinus Mini Pack

For cleaning, clearing and maintaining sinus good health 


* 1x Prana+Therapy 10ml Vital Clear atomiser

* 1x Mana Bohdi Butter

* 1x 50ml Prana+Therapy in a frosted bottle (refill for 10ml nasal mister)


  • Remove excess mucous.
  • Reduce pollen or allergens in nasal passages.
  • Relieve nasal dryness.
  • Clear the nostrils to allow free breathing.
  • Alleviate sinus headaches.
  • Improve sense of smell and tastes

Prana+Therapy Vital Clear atomiser 

Use nasal mister which contains the Prana+Therapy Formula, 1x daily, Insert and spray into nostril 2x each side. 

Note: this process is very powerful and will clean and clear your sinus cavities. 

Try to hold for 10 min without blowing your nose. 

We recommend that this procedure be done when you are not driving. 

Allow at least 20min for treatment to process. 

You may experience sneezing and nasal drip. 

After the excess mucus and particulate are eliminated and the process is complete your sinuses will feel clear and you’ll be able to breathe with ease.  

Do not use this treatment more than once a day. 


Prana+Therapy Mana Bohdi Butter 

To keep your nostrils moisturised and supple, after Neti pot therapy and or nasal mister process, use a small amount of Mana Bohdi Butter to lubricate each nostril. Use your wooden spatula to scoop a small amount of butter from the container, put contents onto a cotton bud and carefully apply into each nostril cavity. 

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