Prana+Therapy Shampoo & Body Bar

Each bar Shampoo & Body Bar is infused with the Prana+Therapy formulation of 19 pure organic synergised essential oils: a cell-renewing elixir that calms redness, inflammation, restores and nourishes the skin and hair. Ideal for eczema, rashes and sensitive skin.

As a shampoo, it will leave your hair vibrant, scalp & hair clean & healthy

Our hand-crafted luxurious delicately balanced Shampoo & Body Bar contains

Himalayan salt saponified organically certified cold-pressed coconut oil, sweet almond jojoba oil to beautify and condition the skin.

To get the most from this decadent cleansing bar, it comes in a special hessian soap bag, which can then be used to keep the soap to help as a gentle exfoliator in the shower.  It also prevents slimy soap buildup because after use you just hang the bar in the bag.

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