Prana+Therapy Formula 100ml (trigger mister)

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Prana+Therapy 100ml (trigger mister)

Capturing the renewing energies of aromatherapy, Prana+Therapy was born from one woman’s quest to restore her skin. At the heart of every product is the highly acclaimed formulation, that empowers the five facets of renewal- moisture, regeneration, soothing, smoothing and radiance.

  • maintain and restore pH levels in the vagina
  • soothes itching
  • prevents bacterial growth
  • repairs and restore delicate skin from irritations
  • can be used internally for UTI and other infections (protocol for this below)  requires additional equipment and probably more than the 100ml)

Our formula is ideal to restore and maintain a healthy PH level. 

With this trigger spray, it is easier to use for feminine hygiene and care of the genital area.

Personal care: Spray for feminine hygiene, relief and restoration.

It is particularly important to ensure that the pH of the skin in the genital area is restored after bathing and using soap. The skin in the genital area has a pH of 6.5, this reduce acidity makes it susceptible to bacterial infections.   

The reason for this is to maintain a healthy environment for flora, which is one of the causes of bacterial infections.   Whenever we bathe or shower, the pH is disrupted.  The pH in that area needs to be restored.  Prana+Therapy is ideal for maintaining healthy flora in the genital area.   Again, this has to do with the pH of 3.8.

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To find out all of the uses and how to use download here our checklist and protocols


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