Prana+Therapy Formula Amber Glass Bottle 500ml

$44.55 Refill Price (Mangawhai only)

NEW! Pranatherapy formulation now in 500ml elegant refillable amber glass bottle paired with heavy-duty black trigger spray. For stream and Spray options – Great to have handy on the kitchen counter. Fewer refills! Looks and feels lovely in your hand. 

Our formula is used as a remedy and has over 100 uses.   Therefore it can also replace up to 60 daily use products.  We package it in different containers for ease of use throughout the day.

A spray for all-day - Household harmonizer and emotional equaliser:

  • Natural hand sanitiser
  • Kitchen: Surfaces, cutting boards, appliances, refrigerators in and out, produce cleanse, stainless steel, juicing equipment
  • Bathroom: Surfaces, tile, toilets, tub and shower, toothbrush, mirrors, personal hygiene
  • Pets : bedding, eating utensils, skin irritations

Discover more ways to use Prana+Therapy download Protocols and Checklist

NOTE: full details of where and when to drop your bottles for re-fill are contained in your order confirmation email.

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