Essential oils act as plant hormones, regulating plant functions and orchestrating the production of vitamins and enzymes. They act as messengers and supervisors within the plant that help coordinate and initiate vital plant activities.

Essential oils can also do the same when applied to humans. They can act as neurotransmitters, peptides, steroids, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and other message-carrying molecules (called ligands), which intelligently assist our bodily functions and help to restore and maintain wellness, promote mental clarity and activity, boost stamina, hydrate dry skin and enhance sense of smell. The lists of benefits received from pure essential oils are endless. When formulated and diluted to proper ratios they become the perfect solution for everyday wellbeing. 


Essential oils are the concentrated liquids and essences from plants, containing volatile aroma compounds. They can be inhaled or absorbed in to the skin to rebalance your system. The oils do not contain hormones but have Properties that stimulate hormone production and balance.

Aromatherapy oils been shown to support and balance: the hormonal system, anxiety, PMS, fevers, colds, respiratory issues, insomnia-menopause, cell regeneration, constipation, adrenal fatigue, bacterial and viral infections, flatulence, mental blockages. These are only a few of the benefits received from the amazing pure wild crafted oils that make up the Prana+Therapy formula.


Did you know that essential oils are helping many people with their mood? Studies have shown natural essential oils can improve mild to moderate depression, anxiety and many other issues.

The oils used in our formula, individually are described as grounding, nurturing and soothing. They are also effective for stress, headaches, tooth decay, urinary tract infections (UT) liver and kidney dysfunction, herpes & herpes simplex l & ll, cuts and scrapes, athlete’s foot.


Depending on your personal beliefs, essential oils have the potential to uplift the spirit, clean and purify the environment and combat the negativity that we experience daily.

The oils used in our formula are cleansing and purifying for: the lymphatic system, free radicals, congested skin, insect bites, warts, shingles, measles, water retention, odors, detoxifying, burns and blisters, skin tone, collagen porduction. As a result they give an overall glowing healthy complexion.


Essential oils are incredible beauty and skin replenishers. They are perfect for lifting wilted energies, boosting health, energizing the spirit as well as helping eliminate fatigue.

Prana + Therapy is a unique synergy blend of replenishing and balancing pure essential oils, including rose geranium, clary sage, sweet orange and 16 more to refresh the mind and restore harmony. These oils individually, are effective on and have been proven to be: anti – septic, anti –microbial, anti-infectious, anti-carcinogenic, anti-flammatory, anti-fungal, anti viral, anti-phiogistic, anti- bacterial, anti-depressant, anti-oxidants, anti-convulsive,anti-spasmodic, anti-parasitic, autoxidizing as well as contain aphrodisiacal properties.