Prana+Therapy Formula 20kg - Refill for all the other smaller containers


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Convenient 20kg BBP-Free Plastic Bottles

Clean and rejuvenate, feeling great while you do it with Prana+Therapy for your everyday tasks. The feel-good sensation comes from spraying and inhaling the therapeutic blend, which is why we call it a "functional" remedy!

Our 20kg BBP-Free Plastic container is designed for daily use and easy handling. This large size is perfect for refilling all your Prana+Therapy bottles and maintaining your supply. This size is ideal for family use, restaurants and professional 

Why You'll Love Our 20kg Plastic Bottles:

  • Ideal for Refilling: Comes with a tap that is designed for easy use for refilling all your smaller Prana+Therapy bottles, making it a practical choice for maintaining your supplies.
  • Bulk Convenience: Provides a generous amount of product, reducing the need for frequent purchases and ensuring you always have enough on hand.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled, BBP-free plastic, ensuring both safety and sustainability.

Prana+Therapy: One Formulation, 100+ Uses

We believe in taking care of ourselves naturally. Prana+Therapy, with its 19 synergised essential oils in spray form, nurtures, cleanses, soothes, refreshes, and restores you throughout the day.

Ideal Uses:

Skincare: Anti-aging toner that restores the skin's pH balance, soothes itchy skin, and treats burns, cuts, stings, and rashes.
Scalp Treatment: Effective for dandruff and itchy scalp relief.

Kitchen: Sanitising surfaces, cutting boards, appliances, refrigerators, produce cleanse, stainless steel, juicing equipment.
Deodoriser: For furniture and clothing.
Bathroom: Cleaning surfaces, tile, toilets, tub and shower, toothbrushes, mirrors.
Pets: Spray on bedding, eating utensils, and provides relief for skin irritations.
General Cleaning: Mopping, laundry, carpet cleaning machines, floor steamer.
Car Care: Cleaning tyres, wheels, dash, windows, carpet, and exterior areas.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Cap Opener: Caps are sealed tightly to avoid leaks during transit, and this handy tool makes opening caps easy for one person to do.

    Discover even more ways to save you money and cupboard space: check out the uses and protocols here

    Need a bit of leverage? Try the handy 5KG & 20KG cap opener.

    NOTE: full details of where and when to drop your bottles for re-fill are contained in your order confirmation email.



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