What was the Inspiration for Prana+Therapy?

Where it all started

The inspiration for Prana+Therapy came from Kimberley Gabbard, who was looking for a natural product to replace traditional chemical products.   

At the time, these products played havoc with her health and left her feeling sick for days. Seeking an alternative, Kimberley enrolled to study Aromatherapy at the California College of Ayurveda.  In particular, to learn about the healing properties of essential oils.

Aromatherapy Certification

Once she achieved certification for Aromatherapy, Kimberley continued on her journey to develop a natural health and well being product.   One that would address a wide spectrum of everyday household and personal issues.

The end result is PRANA+THERAPY an exceptionally unique product with universal applications.  It is formulated with a special blend of 19 essential oils in a specific ratio that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Prana+Therapy exists because we want to share this treasure that is made right here in New Zealand with it's people and the rest of the world.  It is from our own experiences and of others whose lives it has transformed for the better.  That we recognise this to be, one the most important health products currently available.


Kimberley invites you to experience the health and well being properties of PRANA+THERAPY.

You can read more about Kimberley Gabbard here



Prana+Therapy was created with Health in Mind

Kimberley Gabbard, the creator of Prana+Therapy, started her journey as a natural food chef in Los Angeles. Her trajectory to Prana+Therapy has included: head chef for a chain of health food stores in Hawaii, creator of a line of aromatherapy confectionery, research and development in food items, and creator of aromatherapy body care and home care bespoke products. The common denominator has always been creativity without compromising health.

Kimberley is a highly skilled aromatherapist, renowned for her holistic formulas for aromatic cleaning agents for body and home, digestive aids, support and balancers. Her creative CV is impressive. Her passion and knowledge of Ayurvedic science encouraged her to incorporate these principles of prevention, cure and rejuvenation into aromatherapy. It was from this basic fundamental that Prana+Therapy was born.