Kimberley Gabbard, the creator of Prana+Therapy, began her journey as a natural food chef in Los Angeles. Her path to developing Prana+Therapy has been diverse and innovative. She has served as the head chef for a chain of health food stores in Hawaii, conducted research and development in food items, and crafted bespoke aromatherapy body care and home care products. Throughout her career, Kimberley's unwavering commitment to creativity without compromising health has been the common thread.

A highly skilled aromatherapist, Kimberley is renowned for her holistic formulas that encompass aromatic cleaning agents for both body and home, digestive aids, and various mind body supports. Her extensive and impressive creative background is matched by her deep passion for and understanding of Ayurvedic science. This knowledge inspired her to integrate principles of prevention, cure, and rejuvenation into her aromatherapy practices. It is from this foundational philosophy that Prana+Therapy was born.

At the heart of Kimberley's journey beat a personal quest for relief from the toll of everyday chemical products. Her life was shadowed by discomfort and struggle, where even the simplest tasks felt heavy under the weight of chemical exposure. With hope with unwavering determination she sought support from Ayurvedic therapies, diet, herbal remedies and aromatherapy. 

The results were truly transformative, marking the pivotal moment when she wholeheartedly committed herself to the study of Aromatherapy and the science of Ayurveda.

Through this journey of knowledge and self-discovery, the idea and concept of a holistic remedy that could treat a multitude of mind-body afflictions began to take shape.

After completing her Aromatherapy certification, she committed herself to crafting a holistic health and wellness solution. Her aim was to develop an elevated, multi-purpose creation with a plethora of applications. Originally designed to alleviate asthma symptoms through inhalation, the creation seamlessly transitioned into a skincare elixir, as she noticed improvement in her skin while using it as a aid for her asthma. Beyond its medicinal utility, the same formula proved to be a versatile household item, delivering sinus relief and over all since of well-being via inhalation when sprayed for various domestic task. In addition to its core functionalities, it boasted a remarkable capacity to purify and dispel adverse energies, rendering it an indispensable component of everyday rituals for enhancing both physical and spiritual wellness.


The result is Prana+Therapy, an exceptional blend of 100% pure organic essential oils crafted in precise ratios, imbued with the intention to promote physical well-being and emotional harmony.

Prana+Therapy is more than just a product; it's a holistic experience. It cleanses, nourishes, and revitalises, creating a sanctuary of positive energy wherever it's used. Whether you need a natural solution for skincare, a cleansing agent for your home, or a tool to elevate your wellness practices, Prana+Therapy delivers.

It's with great pride that Prana+Therapy emerges from the heart of New Zealand to enrich lives far and wide. Born from Kimberley's profound personal journey and myriad transformations, it holds a place of significance among today's essential holistic offerings. With its multifaceted advantages and vibrational essence, it stands as a genuine gem in the domain of natural well-being.

Kimberley invites you to experience the health and well being properties of PRANA+THERAPY.