What is a Pranatic?!?
November 15, 2020

What is a Pranatic?!?

How does Prana+Therapy work?

Why do I call myself a Pranatic, and where does the word Pranatic come from? 

To know the answer to this question, I will talk a little about Prana+Therapy and its functioning. I want to share how I use Prana+Therapy, and have done for the past 18 years or so. 

So firstly, a Pranatic is someone who loves Prana+Therapy, and not only is a user but also fully understands what this unique multi-functional formulation is all about! To the point of when we talk about it, we sound like fanatics... but in an excellent way and for a great reason.😁😇 It's mind-blowing !!

I am sure that some of you are already Prana+Therapy users and fans. However, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to share some other uses that you may not know. Also, I'd like to talk about how Prana+Therapy works, as I get many questions about that!

So if you're not familiar with Prana+Therapy, here is an overview!

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Vibrational Holistic Remedy

Whoa...hold the hippy trippy dang minute!!! ✌✌✌🤘 Ha Ha... yes it sounds a bit "out there", especially if you don't know much about Essential Oils. However, yes, the Prana+Therapy formulation is a vibrational holistic remedy (more about this later) comprised of 19 essential oils that have been put together in a specific ratio. The oils that I selected for the formula are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic. They are also healing, restorative, and rejuvenating to the central nervous system as well as the skin!

When the Remedy is received through inhalation, it can assist and allows us to move into higher brain frequency waves, which activates (and, potentially even more importantly, deactivates) specific areas of the brain.

For example, it can decrease neurological connections to the medial pre-frontal cortex, or the "me center," lessen traits such as fear, stress, and anxiety. In turn, we feel at ease and peace, calmer and have less of a desire to overindulge or fall into addictive behaviors etc.

So I guess you are all wondering how this works….

Synergistic Blend

 As previously mentioned, one of the ways to receive the Remedy, is through inhalation, so that means, when spraying, diffusing, or just inhaling directly from the container, AS I OFTEN DO!!  


When Essential oils are synergised as they are in the Prana+Therapy formula, they can offer a particular frequency to the human body. – this happens through the principle known as entrainment. In short, the oil's higher frequency will raise the vibratory quality of that individual, or synchronization with natural body function or processes. 


The Prana+Therapy formula has 19 pure essential oils that are synergised and blended, then they are added to de-ionised water. Each of the oils has a different MHz frequency, … a frequency will emerge that may be higher or lower than the various components. Therefore, the therapeutic properties create special vibrational remedies capable of healing or rebalancing the body/mind and spirit. 


Also, because each oil has a specific frequency, and our organs and body systems and the nutrients needed to maintain optimum health. Each has its particular frequencies; the oil's electrical affinity to our bodies' components will enhance and support these organs and body systems. They can aid in the assimilation of nutrients, as well as lower Cortisol levels. In turn, they lower our stress levels of which, hey, we can all benefit!

Because I like to keep calm and balanced though out the day, I believe keeping it in a diffuser helps with that!


Essential oils in the higher frequency range tend to influence emotions. Essential Oils in the lower frequencies have more effect on structural and physical changes, including cells, hormones, bones, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. 


The Prana+Therapy formula comprises of both higher frequency and lower frequency oils. It is why and how Prana+Therapy works as both an "emotional equaliser" and simultaneously neutralises harmful pathogens. It is also restorative and healing for the skin and can aid even in assisting weight loss. 


That's kind of it in a nut shell! Hopefully, not too "sciency" for you!


How do I use Prana+Therapy?

So here are the ways that I use my Prana+Therapy.

  • I love to add it to my bath, 
  • laundry 
  • mopping, as it leaves an intoxication aroma for days

In my care:

  • Toning and hydrating my face … I also spray over my makeup to set and hydrate
  • all over my body after a bath or shower.. mostly when I'm away from home as, it brakes down chlorine residue
  • Makeup brushes and other personal care implements
  • Excellent on cold sores and oral care
  • I always have my toothbrush head soaking in Prana+Therapy for anti-viral and bacteria management.
  • Rashes - stings -bites
  • Eye irritations

Kitchen uses :

  • to clean and disinfect benchtops 
  • Clean and shine appliance, especially stainless steel 
  •  As an oven cleaner with soda bicarbonate 
  •  Veggie & fruit wash — brakes down waxy buildup and pesticides
  • First aid treatment for burns and cuts 

 Travel Uses:

  • Tooth past- deodorant- first aid-skin care- disinfecting hotel rooms, phones, headphones, etc.. 

Animal uses: 

  •  to clean my bird's cage and also on him for shiny feathers and to keep him might free
  • On our chickens to keep their nest mite free and them too
  • My daughter uses Prana+Therapy on her beloved puppy for skin infections and sores. 

So that kind of sums the ways I use it up .. 

Please watch this space as I will be going into more detailed information on each use's various applications and protocols in other podcasts coming up.

If you are interested in reading more about Prana+Therapy uses for for pets, check out this blog.


If you have recognised that you, too, are a Pranatic and would like to share your experience with us, please get in touch as we'd love to share your story in our Pranatics Podcast and share with the world just how you use the formula.


To your health and wellbeing

xx Kimberley xx