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April 17, 2022

What is a Synergistic Blend, and how does it relate to Essential Oils?

Some dishes just taste bad when you mix certain flavors together! Dessert, sauce, or salad dressing, whatever it is, the combination may just not work.  It will, however, be a sensory explosion when you get it right and they synergise.

The same principle goes for essential oils and synergistic blends. In this blog, I discuss the science behind Synergy in relation to essential oils.

Since many are confused by the term "Synergy", let me start by explaining it.

What is a Synergistic Blend

Synergy is the concept of adding many individual parts together to create a unit greater than the sum of its components.

An understanding of this concept is found in the Ayurvedic system, particularly in the use of essential oils.

In essence, Synergy means that the whole is greater than the part.

The science of Synergy has proven that man has been using the power of natural Synergy for thousands of years to solve problems.

Studies also show how essential oils can help fight bacterial infections, offer relief to those suffering from depression, and even improve cardiovascular health.

The science of Synergy and its relation to essential oils is vital to understand, especially when using products in aromatherapy or formulating blends yourself.

Does a synergistic blend have the same therapeutic benefit as the individual oils in the blend?

At the same time, pure essential oils, which are nature's chemical cocktails with unique and powerful properties, can also be highly potent.

Synergy, or mixing the right ingredients in the correct ratios, is essential for maximum effect.

Specific blends and combinations of essential oils can treat bacterial infections faster and even more effectively than modern pharmaceuticals.

The efficacy trial performed on the Prana+Therapy formula was tested against what is considered the most dangerous bacterium, staphylococcus aureus.
The Trial found the formulation to kill these dangerous bacteria with an impressive 99.99 per cent efficiency.

This surprising result demonstrates just how powerful Synergy is when combined with the right combination of essential oils, other ingredients, and blended in precise ratios, can impact our health and wellness.

How can I use essential oils to achieve Synergy?

A blend produces a synergistic effect. Understanding the science behind Synergy and Essential Oils, can lead to the creation of powerful blends.

The following points are key to success in a synergistic blend.
  • As long as the essential oils are pure, they are effective, while synthetic or diluted oils are less effective. An understanding of this concept is found in the Ayurvedic system, particularly in the use of essential oils.
  • Synergised essential oils harness the power of a single oil, or even multiple oils, to create an entirely new experience.
  • Synergised essential oils and essential oil formulations possess twenty-four times (or more depending on the formulation) the healing potential of single essences.
  • Essential oils are powerful, effective, and versatile. But unless they're blended in Synergy, their potential is limited.

If you have been looking for a way to purify your surroundings and improve your overall health naturally, Synergy with essential oils may be the answer.

Do all brands of essential oils have synergistic blends?

The answer is that many do not. When looking for a high-quality essential oil synergised blend, It's vital to review the ingredients, the purity, and if the product has undergone any testing or efficacy trials. That will help you to understand precisely what pathogens it works against, as well as its effectiveness. And remember, not all essential oils and oil blends are created equal.

There is no better time to stop using those over the counter drugs and chemical cleaners, as we are continuously plagued with the onset of new viral exposure. Using an all-natural organic synergistic essential oil blend such as Prana+Therapy, "Life's Essential Remedy" will prove to be your first line of defence.

Author : Kimberley Gabbard (Creator of Prana+Therapy)

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