5 Key Components of A Powerful Essential Oil Blend
May 07, 2022

5 Key Components of A Powerful Essential Oil Blend

 Several essential oils and oil blends are available today. It is difficult to tell which is good or not and the difference between an oil blend and an oil formulation. This blog is intended to give some clarity and a starting point for understanding essential oil blends and formulations. 

5 Key Components of a Potent Essential Oil Blend

What are some of the benefits of essential oils?

The benefits of essential oils are endless. Essential oils can be used in countless ways. By diffusing essential oils into the air, you can reap the benefits of aromatherapy by inhaling the scents. Alternatives to traditional medicine, such as essential oils, are becoming increasingly popular.

Such as:

Another standard treatment involves treating headaches and muscle aches while promoting relaxation and wellness.

Essential oil formulas combine several single essential oils to produce a unique oil blend that is more than the sum of its parts. The benefit of a formulation for essential oils is that you can get several dozen aromatic and therapeutic benefits in just one bottle.


The purity of oils will contribute to a potent essential oil blend.

Purity is the most crucial factor when purchasing an essential oil formula. To ensure you are getting the best possible quality essential oil blends, do some research on the company supplying or making them.

Understanding the difference between an essential oil formulation and a basic blend can help you select a suitable product for your needs.

When creating a potent blend, consider the following five factors.


The blend should provide:

  1. positive effects on the mind, 
  2. positive impact on the body,
  3. possess natural properties of essential oils, 
  4. be absent of adverse effects 
  5. made up of High-quality pure essential oils. 


A blend or formulation of essential oils must meet ALL of these points.

Because they are such complex substances, it is possible to blend essential oils in many ways. Expertly formulated essential oil blends are the most beneficial and effective. 

Complex blends feature several essential oils, each contributing a unique benefit to the formula. 


What's the difference between essential oil blends and basic blends?

The difference between essential oil blends and basic blends is the specific formulation of the oils. 

When you use essential oil blend, it is a chemical reaction between your body and the oils. When you create a basic blend, you add different notes to your projects that give the overall scent depth and interest.

 In addition to the blend or formulation, the quality of the oils play a big part in your experience. 

Because of their complex nature, essential oil formulas work deeper than simple blends. The benefits of essential oil formulations are more concentrated and potent than basic blends in that they last much longer than those of simple blends.

Aromatherapists formulate the most effective blends based on the desired effects.

When it comes to a high standard formulation that offers the 5 Key 

Components of A Powerful Essential Oil Blend, the Prana+Therapy formula meets the standard. 


How Does Prana & Therapy Essential Oil Formula Differ From Basic Blends?

Prana+Therapy is unique from any other formula on the market in that it is constituted of the 5 Key Components of a Powerful Essential Oil Blend, but it is also vastly diverse in application. The idea is simple: One formulation, 100 solutions. 


There are so many products out there. Why would you want to use Prana+Therapy? 

The answer is; that there is no other aromatherapy product or any product like it. Prana+Therapy "Life's Essential Remedy" is made with premium quality ingredients. Ingredients were chosen for their healing properties and ability to bring balance and harmony to the user.

Harnessing the power of synergy! 

Our unique infusion process links together the essential oils so that they work more potently, resulting in a far more effective and efficient therapeutic blend than using an individual oil.

The healing properties of the formulation create a multidimensional remedy that benefits both the mind and body. The formula supports overall health, vitality and wellbeing. That can be used for body care, cleaning, air purification, health support and immune system maintenance.

Pure, energetically activated, Prana+Therapy formula is a synergistic blend of 19 organic and wildcrafted essential oils in a water-based carrier. Making this formulation exceptionally versatile and user friendly 

Whether your essential oil preferences (a formulation or basic blend), aromatherapy is an excellent addition to any home health and wellness regime. The overall cost of aromatherapy and essential oils is cheaper and more effective than many conventional medicines. They leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed. Using essential oils also allows you to get a natural aroma from your favourite essential oils, which artificial fragrances cannot do. 

So remember, the next time you're feeling stressed out or exhausted, head over to the essential oil aisle and pick out a few powerful oils to help you feel better. Or better yet, invest in your health and wellbeing by using Prana+Therapy daily.