A picture of a lemon cut in half
August 11, 2021

The healing properties of Lemon Essential Oil 🍋

Lemon Essential Oil is one of Nature's Life Forces🍋.

I believe that we all possess an innate wisdom that guides us to heal ourselves and be empowered with nature's life force.

You, too, can tap in and drink in the divine nectar of aromatic love if you choose to.
Likewise, if you allow nature, she will penetrate your soul profoundly to heal, love, and trust.

By harmonising and associating with nature, we are nurtured and become grounded.
In return, as a reward, we will be entrusted with her sacred mysteries.


The grounding nature of Lemon Essential Oil

I notice that when I mix and mingle within nature, absorbing her celestial angelic energy. Subsequently, I become centred, grounded and in the heart of my knowledge. Trusted and in the space of knowing, I connect into the divine wisdom and become synchronised with the source energy.

Only then do I catch a glimpse of the quintessence of who I am, which is a spark ignited by the creator. My spirit becomes energised and infused with love and devotion as I hold my cherished lemon oil. After that, I become possessed in the sweetness, and my heart fills with joy as I breathe deeply in remembrance of where this oil originated.


How do I select the oils for the Prana+Therapy remedy?

Upon inhalation, my mind is absorbed in transcendental creation. I imagine the fields, trees, leaves, roots, flowers and the source of all creation.

During this experience, I understand that I must only capture the essence of this feeling or a thought, and once I have inhaled that aroma, I know momentarily, I have what I need.

It only took one single breath to realise that lemon oil had to be one of the crucial Prana+Therapy 19 essential oils.


These Lemon essential oil uses collude with why I selected it for Prana+Therapy :

  • It is refreshing, purifying, cleansing, and stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • It helps the body cleanse itself of wastes and toxins.
  • The lemon essential oil contains powerful antioxidants and helps to reduce inflammation. It's a superhero in fighting bacteria and fungi.
  • It can boost energy levels and ease digestion, especially if you are looking to eliminate nausea.
  • Diffusing lemon essential oil serves as a natural and effective remedy to nourish, hydrate and restore your skin.
  • Lemon essential oil is anti-aging and has potent antioxidant activity.
  • It is also good to have insect bites, cuts, wounds, warts, and cold sores on hand. This is because lemon oil's antimicrobial compounds work to treat conditions naturally.

So, needless to say, Lemon Essential Oil was an obvious selection. More importantly, when I inhaled this power-packed, magnetic, zingy, essential oil, my brain signalled and connected to my divine inner wisdom. Thereby letting me know that this oil was a need and a must.
So when life gives you lemons, that's a good thing! Just make lemon oil.