How does Prana+Therapy Treat, Restore and Beautify the Skin?
December 13, 2020

How does Prana+Therapy Treat, Restore and Beautify the Skin?

What is Skin’s pH, and why is achieving optimum pH for our skin critical for Healthy Skin?  

To understand how this amazing formulation refines, rejuvenates and restores the skin is to understand both the key Essential oils within the formulation as well as the pH relation connection for optimal  pH balance. 

 The optimum pH value of skin on most of our face and body lies between 4.7 and 5.75. A pH of 7 that is of pure water is considered neutral so anything below that is acidic and above it is Alkaline.   

The skin's natural pH is mildly acidic and therefore it is important that the skin is acidic and also just taking into consideration the skin's pH varies slightly according to both gender and where it is on the body, but it also fluctuates at different life stages.   It’s important to understand that when our skin‘s pH is compromised, it is prone to infection.  Protecting the acid mantle is critical to help to keep our skin healthy, so our Skin’s pH plays an important role in skin condition. 
Restoring and preserving the acid mantle is key to skin's protective barrier it neutralises and alkaline-based aggressors, (such as harsh surfactants) and even water so every time we are showering whether your water is filtered or not and washing your face the pH is disrupted.
Maintaining that acidic pH between 4.7 and 5.75 is ideal and that will help to inhibit the growth of bacteria and promote an ideal environment in which the skin's natural flora can thrive.   
By now I'm sure you're wondering what the pH of Prana+Therapy is... so the Prana+Therapy formulation sits on the pH scale of 3.8.   
Yes, I know it is slightly more acidic than the optimum skin pH, however it is the active high acidity that is the magic and the product therapy formulation ...that aids in repairing restoring correcting and returning the skin to it's ideal acidity.   Thus balancing skin tone reducing, redness inflammation and also counter acting the bacteria that causes acne. 


What can affect the skins PH?

There are many external and internal factors that may have an impact on skin’s pH. Skin’s location on the body, as I mentioned before can also affect its pH and certain skin conditions, such as Atopic Dermatitis, that alter the pH of skin.

External factors are :

  • harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, solvents they are definitely pH disruptors so you want to stay away from those products and products that contain those ingredients.   
  • Frequent washing of our hands particularly if the water is too hot that causes stress and cracking.   
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are not a good idea to use at all but if one does need to use a sanitiser it's better to look for the ones that do not contain alcohol in them or very low alcohol content.  

Some of the external factors that cause stress include :

  • changes in temperature and humidity so that we're also disrupt the pH, the optimum pH of our skin 
  • dirt and pollution airborne pathogens that are in the air that they're disruptive of the pH.   
  • Alkaline cosmetics such as soaps and cleansers and so forth.

When purchasing skin care,  I really recommend looking at what the pH is of that product to ensure that it is out of the alkaline danger zone so anything above 7 is not a good idea.   

Chemicals with an alkaline pH are particularly detrimental to this skin's pH so again that's the skin care, the soaps the cleansers, all of them even if they're at their pH is at a 7 or below the anything that we put our face again, water will alkalise the skin.   

Some internal factors to take into consideration are:

  • poor dietary habits and the over consumption of refined foods, that includes fried foods  (for healthy skin it is imperative to maintain a healthy diet,  this will help support the skin's natural pH and to keep the skin in good condition). 
  • genetics play a major role and biological age and hormones can also affect the skin's so all of those would be internal factors to take into consideration.

Newborn babies

As for newborn babies it takes time for the protective acid mantle to form, so newborns are very sensitive to chemicals and products that have chemicals in them.   Even organic and natural products can have a negative effect. So one of the best skin care products for newborns would be Prana+Therapy, and this is again because of where it sits at the pH of 3.8 it is an ideal product for nappy rash, and general cleaning of the skin as it will encourage cell re-generation and support the forming of the acid mantle and this again is all due to the high acid pH in the formulation.   

Skin Care & Toner

When Prana+Therapy is used daily as a toner, the skin benefits received from restoring the skin’s optimal pH are refinement, it clarifies and hydrates problematic complexion.  It addresses concerns such as blemishes, dullness and uneven skin texture. 

Simultaneously it infuses the skin with active high-powered synergised pure essential oils, helping to reverse the signs of stress and congestion, stimulate healthy skin cell growth, acts as a gentle resurfacing agent, brightens and balances skin texture.

The glycolic acid action removes surface build up that often leaves skin looking dull and tired. Your skin will be left more hydrated, feel soft, comfortable and have a natural overall glow.   

Genital Area

Last but not least, lets talk about the genital area.  The skin in the genital area has a pH of 6.5 this reduced acidity makes it prone to bacterial infections, So it is a particularly good idea to make sure that after bathing and using soap, to restore that pH in the genital area.   

This is in order to maintain a healthy flora environment and that is one of the causes for a lot of bacterial infection.   If the pH has been disrupted which happens every time we bathe and shower.  It is important to restore the pH in that area.  Prana+Therapy is the ideal product for maintaining healthy flora in the genital area.   This again has to do with the pH level being at a 3.8.

Let’s talk about some of the oils within the Prana+Therapy formulation and their benefits.

Tea Tree 

 I selected the Tea Tree Oil for the benefits that include it's antifungal properties, anti-inflammatory activities and it’s ideal for the treatment of acne.   So that was one of the main reasons that I put Tea Tree Oil in the formulation was to help with acne care.

Clary Sage

It is an antioxidant, anti-microbial and antimicrobial activities can even prevent DNA and proteins from being damaged by free Radicals.   These chemicals can damage the skin as we discussed earlier.


Like Clary Sage lavender is also an antioxidant and can help protect against oxidative stress in the brain so it's also a brain beauty oil.   Lavender can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


This is also an antioxidant and contains anti-microbial properties as well.   It helps to prevent wrinkles. As per Clary Sage and Lavender, it also stops the free Radicals from breaking down the skin's elasticity.


Grapefruit helps to remove the excess oil and surface impurities and leaves the skin smooth and bright.

It was for these reasons above, that put these oils into the formulation.

Remember that Prana+Therapy is composed of 19 essential oils and they are synergized together.   So these individual oils have their benefits in skin benefits and antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and they are synergised together, and that actually potentised them together, and so they're acting individually and then together even stronger and more active than they are individually.

So I’d like to conclude with some of the ways I use Prana+Therapy for my skincare routine.

  •  I love to use it as a toner and also in place of the glycolic acid again it's not a glycolic acid,  however it acts as a glycolic acid to remove and lift dead akin cells 
  • and I use it after I wash my face so you just spray it on or I will take a cotton pad and just wipe it on my face it's just personal preference either way is fine
  •  I also use it as a prep to hydrate my skin before applying makeup so after I put on my skin care on and moisturiser, then let that set in prior to applying makeup
  • Helps you to apply make up more evenly 
  • I also use it throughout the day so you can spray it on your makeup, even right after you apply your makeup
  • Use it to set your makeup or for a little extra hydration so again as I'm spraying and I'm also receiving the internal benefits over I'm feeling a little rushed stress I get the emotional equaliser benefit as I spray my face for hydration
  •  I'm pretty careful on the sun however there are times where there's that that little bit that didn't get the Sunscreen or was out in the sun all too long and the Sunscreen wore off so if that does happen I just spray the area immediately it’s just beautiful it goes right into the skin and just lose that red irritated burning feeling that we get when we've had too much sun 
  • it also simultaneously will prevent the peeling and promote healing ways
  • I use Prana+Therapy for skin care, just after shower for body so as soon as I get out I just kind of spray myself with with product from head to toe and that restores the pH