How do singing bowls heal?
November 05, 2020

How do singing bowls heal?

Stress and Healing

As a small business owner and entrepreneur I know all about stress.  For 20 years I’ve been developing the Prana+Therapy formula and what comes with having a product as unique as Prana is the challenge of educating people to understand just how amazing it is .  I realise that there are many alternative healers and practitioners who feel exactly the same way.

Whilst I use Prana to calm me when I am stressed, I also enjoy discovering what others are doing to help people with stress which is why I would like to talk about Sound Therapy.  

My very first Podcast

In this, my very first Podcast episode I chat with a dear friend that I’ve known for over 3 years, Carrie Marie who uses the Singing Bowls of Tibet in her treatments. As an Empowerment coach, Carrie helps women get unstuck and heal themselves using Reiki & Sound Healing so they can reach the next level in their business and learn to love life more.

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How did Carrie and I meet?

Carrie and I met at a function, it was actually a singing bowl function and ever since we have been very close friends.  Carrie is also part of the Prana+Therapy Team and I've also had the pleasure of having a few treatments with her myself.  I have to say that I have found these treatments, and the benefits to be endless.  

Carrie explained to me that the Singing Bowls have a huge range of benefits from physical through to mental wellbeing.  She uses them as tools to help people access the magic that may be hidden within and to release joy and peace back into their lives.  Carries also says that Sound Therapy releases people in order to get over their “stuckness”.  You know, the feeling where you’re feeling rooted to the spot without knowing which direction to take.

For Carrie, the singing bowls have an amazing quality and a sound that cuts through all the “noise” that we experience in our day to day life.   She believes that as humans, we are perpetually bombarded with NOISE in terms of our sensations and with the media, and the voices in our heads, our thoughts that can sometimes take over.  

What I noticed after my treatments with Carrie was that, after 10 sessions I noticed that the common thread was meeting with a sense of calmness, peace of mind, and complete relaxation within my body and mind.  But even more amazing was the peace of magic and joy that carried on throughout the day of my treatment and the next.  To be honest pretty much my whole week.  It's just beautiful.

Carrie has more recently been taking her Music Healing sessions online. Video and audio quality of today, really enables her to work with people in the UK and Australia, and even Israel.  

Using other Sound Healing Modalities

Not limited to using the singing bowls, Carrie also uses a Tuning Forks, Vocal Toning, Mantra and Drums which opens up a whole new potential to create healing sounds which aid the release of unbeneficial thoughts and energy.  

For me the digital world has me stepping out of my comfort zone and just creating this podcast gave me a huge sense of fear to try something new.  However, my first interview with Carrie was perfect as she could sense my unease, and suggested a tuning fork treatment prior to the podcast.  

My stress had emanated from a  difficult week with technology problems, and I was finding it hard to step out of that space and just “chat”.  

The session, was about 15 minutes and during those 15 minutes Carrie played Tuning Forks of particular notes, in a specific pattern that works to harmonise brainwaves and the body’s energy field to calm anxiety.  I honestly,  within a very short space of time felt the stress just falling away.  With each and every sound or vibration I could  feel it just melting off of my body.    It was only 15 mintues, but the transformation felt amazing.  

To be honest, I wouldn’t have carried on with the podcast if I hadn't been lucky enough to receive this treatment. I certainly picked the right first guest, didn’t I?!

Honestly when you listen to the Podcast you wouldn’t have known I was nervous at all, because it all just became so easy!

But back to my guest…

Intuitive Healing and how it started

Carrie’s “gift” is an intuitive one.  When her clients come to her, often they are skeptical and don’t know where to start.   Carrie always invites them to create a beautiful intention around this mindset.  She asks them what they would like to be different and then she progresses from there.  By focusing on that intention it is easier to just go with the flow of the sounds and the magic always reveals  itself.

In our interview, Carrie admits that she is only starting out using the Tuning Forks and is looking forward to using them in her coaching and sound healing sessions.

I was curious about how Carrie came to be a Sound healer and she explained that initially it was her partner Paul that introduced her to one of his singing bowls at home.  She laughs now, as she admitted that at first she couldn’t stand the sound.  The more she listened to it the more she got wound up!!!

It wasn’t until 2 or 3 years later that she and her partner Paul, found themselves attending a free sound workshop, with Silvia Freitag from Germany, Carrie found this to be a totally different experience and she was amazed by the power of the bowls’ sound.  

One thing that was different was that the facilitator of the workshop used a felt mallet instead of a hard wooden mallet.    The Dong (the name to explain when you knock the mallet against the side of the bow),  also had a very long vibrational sustain.  It was a whole new experience.  

At that time Carrie explained that her digestive system was not working and was reacting to everything she ate and she felt her energy was completely stuck.  Anyway, long story short, she was the last one to leave from the workshop, she was in her own words… completely bowled over (excuse the pun) but she literally lay down and I couldn't get back up again.  

Carrie was amazed and said to herself then “what the heck happened there”?  She became completely intrigued as to how this kind of relaxation was possible.  It was like a complete state of bliss.

She decided she needed to learn or experience it some more and organised to have a one on one session with Silvia Freitag  and that blew her away, even more.  This was the catalyst she needed to start to use them on herself for her own treatment and she started to build up quite a collection bowls.

Carrie’s Sound healing also includes a Drum session where she plays a different rhythm focusing on the different chakras of the body.  The idea is to Play the rhythm and feel it in a particular area.  The more comfortable you get with the rhythm the more profound and better it feels within.  

How does Carrie decide upon which modality to use?

I asked Carrie how she decides what treatment to use for her clients.  I mean is it a preference or does one instrument work better with a different condition?  What calms a busy mind?  Or what helps clear digestion?

Her response was, that she finds out what the one thing is that the client would like to clear the most or first. Usually it’s one thing at the bottom of a pile of stuff, when you deal with that then everything else cascades down from there.   Only then can she assess her clients properly and then she can choose which modality will work and it really depends on the individual.  She tunes into them and then their energy field makes itself known.  That’s intuitive healing at it’s finest.

I was curious as to what Carrie finds difficult for herself now,  especially when she is bringing so much to others.  “Getting myself out there” was her quick reply, which I can as a small business owner and entrepreneur can absolutely relate to.  Having the self belief in the fact that you can make a difference and having the courage to forge ahead to keep going and doing is what drives you.

I really loved Carrie’s honesty and I believe, so do all the people that she helps.  I know the struggle well.  I’m not a front liner, or one to go public, but I realise that I have something amazing to share with the world.  I’m not doing it for myself either because I know that my formula can make a difference, just as Carrie believes in her music to heal.

As Carrie so beautifully puts it…

”we are all tiny threads on a beautiful tapestry”. 

I am so glad that my thread has now woven in with hers.

So if you think you’d like to try sound therapy and you need some self-nurturing you can find Carrie in her online space at :

Join her online community at which is a space for women looking for more confidence and self expression to be themselves without the fear of rejection.

I just had to thank Carrie at the end for being her beautiful self.  If you are reading this Carrie xx Big Hugs xx.