Why is Prana+Therapy so effective at neutralising odours?
June 15, 2021

Why is Prana+Therapy so effective at neutralising odours?

A question that we get asked often is, "why is Prana+Therapy so effective at neutralising odours."

The only way you can understand how good the Remedy smells is obviously by smelling it!

Trying to sell a "smell", especially online, isn't easy, even when we tell people of the therapeutic and holistic healing benefits with daily use of the formula.

When people first smell the Remedy, they continuously proclaim how amazing the Prana+Therapy Remedy smells. I've even had people stop me in the shops after following me around, trying to distinguish who and what smelt so good.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

One of our customers described the scent of the Remedy as being "happiness and smiles",ย which I think is a pretty accurate description, especially considering that as a functional remedy whilst you use the spray daily, you benefit from inhalation and absorption of the essential oils that make up the formulation.

In addition to being more than just something that smells good when you spray the Remedy, it makes you feel amazing. Customers who "clean" with the formulation profess to now loving their housework and often even look for opportunities to clean, to get a whiff of the fantastic scent like no other household spray that you will find on the market.

So it's, therefore, not surprising that Prana+Therapy, is also very effective for neutralising nasty, lingering odours.

Why is the Remedy is so effective at neutralising odours?

The active ingredients for the Prana+Therapy formulation are the 19 synergised essential oils (EO). They are complex aromatic substances derived from plants mainly composed of terpenes and other compounds, namely aldehydes, fatty acids, phenols, ketones, esters, alcohols, nitrogen and sulphur compounds.

These compounds are aromatic and capsulated within each of the oils used for the Prana+Therapy formulation. When you spray Prana+Therapy diffuse or apply directly, odours particulates become absorbed and neutralised. Thus odours are eliminated and leave a fresh aromatic smell throughout.

Put Prana+Therapy to the test.

Why not try it for yourself? Here is a list of some of the odours that we know it neutralises.ย 

  • Shells or clothes that hold onto the smell of fish
  • Pet smells on furniture and carpets
  • Spraying pets after they roll in something foul-smelling
  • Burnt cooking smells
  • Smelly feet
  • Smelly armpits
  • Cat urine on furniture

Are you a Prana+Therapy user? If you would like to share with us how you have used our Remedy to neutralise smells in your house, let us know in the comments or email us your testimonial at info@pranatherapy.nz. Even better, if you would like to leave us a google review, it will help us spread the word about Prana+Therapy for more people to understand just how extraordinary our Remedy is.

To your health and wellbeing