December 01, 2016

Prana+Therapy Re-Brand

We have currently rebranded our product with a new look and feel. We are also delivering a new message to our customers regarding the health benefits as well as the multiple ways that Prana+Therapy ™ can be incorporated through our life and become part of one’s daily routine. However please rest assured that the Prana+Therapy formula has remained the same. It is still 100% natural, chemical fee, vegan and made only with the highest quality of 19 pure steamed distilled organic/wild crafted essential oils. We are still using the same organic plant based binder and organic plant based glycerin. We are still using de-ionized distilled water, and still using the same method in which we mix and fill our product. What you might be detecting are the young fresh and very active top notes of the some of individual oils. In the first month or two of a making new a batch of Prana+Therapy formula the oils are still in their settling, calming and harmonizing phase. This is known as the “active stage” and is due to the activation of synergy. When the oils are introduced to one another and then blended together to create a new compound that is made up of all the individual oils they become very fragrant and emit a sweet floral aroma. This process and duration of settlement is very normal and does not affect the quality or performance of the product in anyway. In fact it is desirable to use the product in this phase so that one can experience the robust and vigorous action of the top notes at the forefront and their luscious aromatic qualities. Another note for consideration is that depending on the origin in which the plants are grown as well as the time the plant is harvest can also have a bearing on the scent/aromatic properties of the oils. Meaning that even if the botanical species is the same it can vary in its scent/aromatic qualities. Depending on the maturity of the plant, the time of year the plant is harvested, the origin of which it is derived and the duration of time upon delivery from the processing factory to manufacture for use can all have a profound effect upon each and every batch of essential oils.

When using synergy (a combination and interaction of 2 or more organizations) it is not much of a concern that there is variation within the individual oils. This is because the power is in both the oil and the synergy.

Most likely if you have experienced a noticeable differentiation from the previous product you have purchased in the past it may have been after the 1 or 2-month “calming” period when the top notes of the oils have receded and settled into one another. Providing a more soft and subtle delivery. Prana+Therapy is a plant based, raw product. We do not add any chemicals or preservatives to our formula. Thus making it a short shelf life product. It is advised that the product be used within the first 3 to 6 months of purchases. We do not advise our stockist to stock more product than what can be sold within a 12 months time. This is to insure that our customers are getting the highest quality possible. Just like any unprocessed food item, particularly raw fruits and vegetables you would consume before they ferment and became inedible. We recommend for maximum benefit that whatever size Prana+Therapy product you are purchasing that it be used for the prescribed uses and then refilled with fresh active product or repurchase a new fresh pack.