How My Dad Inspired Me to Create the Mana Bohdi Organic Skincare Range
February 05, 2022

How My Dad Inspired Me to Create the Mana Bohdi Organic Skincare Range

There are lots of things my late father, Cliff taught me about life. Things that transcend age, gender and experience. Simple pieces of wisdom that became imprinted on my brain, giving me the confidence to live hand in hand with the extraordinary events life throws at me each and every day.

Cliff was one of those special people who never really stopped learning & creating, and as a result, there were always more things to learn from him.  In this blog I’d like to share with you the amazing man that he was and how he was instrumental in the creation of my Prana+Therapy Mana Bohdi Organic Skincare Range

The early development stages of Prana+Therapy when it was known as Prana+

When I was in the stages of developing Prana+ which was how I initially branded the formula, I worked very closely with my father Cliff. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago, but he contributed a wealth of technical, business, and life experience to Prana+. Throughout an impressive and varied career, he strived to achieve the highest standards, and as a result, always managed to achieve outstanding results. 

His accomplishments include two world speed records in drag racing and 100-point perfection on high-end auto restorations. As a result, he was commissioned to work on and advise million-dollar show cars. 

As well as these accomplishments, Cliff was a very successful businessman in a number of vocations. One of which was the owner and operator of She Cosmetics in southern California for more than two decades. She Cosmetics sold high-quality skin care products to many hundreds of beauty salons throughout the United States. 

My dad was my inspiration to create the Mana Bohdi Organic Skincare range.

As I developed and marketed Prana+, his experience and expertise proved invaluable to me. Cliff recognised the potential of a multifunctional product from the very beginning.  It is for this reason that he supported me throughout the development of this unique formula. Together, we made a powerful and dynamic team.

My father left a lasting impression on me, and it was he who inspired me to open my own business, develop the Prana+Therapy formulation, and to go on to create the Prana+Therapy Mana Bohdi Organic Skincare Range.

Cliff taught me to be adventurous, fearless, bold, and above all, to never give up. Being a well-rounded individual and one of a kind, he designed and built drag racing cars in the early 1950s. Also, he created amazing metal sculptures. 

She Cosmetics and the multi-functional uses of a skincare product

I loved going to work with my father when I was a kid. I was fascinated by all the equipment, the bottles, jars and the goop that went in them. I remember well my dad being upset with me when I would get into all the makeup and make a mess. Once I spent several hours putting labels on products upside down. Needless to say he wasn't too happy about that. Instead of playing house like my friends I used to play factory. I would bring my dolls and instruct them to test lipsticks, sample creams, etc. 

Cliff had a product that was a luxury facial moisturiser, that we used for just about everything. It was our treatment for cuts, burns, etc. The most memorable and unusual use was as engine grease for his car. 

My dad always had a more sustainable way of thinking.

So many years later when I developed this formula now known as Prana+. It was my dad that I sent my very first bottle to try out. I told him that it's a functional remedy and I gave him a few uses to try out. 

In a few days, he called me to say that the stuff I gave him was amazing! Furthermore, it was the best hub cap cleaner he had ever used. 

How I loved his humour and ability to find multiple uses for a single product. I admired how he could create something from nothing. Whether it being a lump of metal and moulding it into a magnificent piece of art or turning a backyard business into a thriving mega corporation. 

My dad was my hero and the wind beneath my wings. This Mana Bohdi Essential Oil skincare system I dedicate to my dad Cliff and thank him for inspiring me. He always exemplified how hard work and dedication can determine success or failure, and that a passion for what you do can make all the difference.


To your health and wellbeing

xx Kimberley xx

Creator of Prana+Therapy Formulation