5 things you need to know before you get started with mindfulness practice.

September 29, 2020

5 things you need to know before you get started with mindfulness practice.

What exactly is Mindfulness?

You have heard that mindfulness — the ability to be fully present in the moment — can have numerous benefits.  This includes everything from decreased stress and sadness to increased levels of focus and happiness.

But what exactly is mindfulness and how can it help you in your life? More
importantly, what is the long term effect of Mindfulness practice?

Mindfulness practice is one way to truly experience the current moment and
integrate that awareness into your everyday life.

Here’s 5 things you need to know before you get started with mindfulness practice.

1. Mindfulness is the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever
we’re doing at the moment.  The ability to be free from distraction or judgment.  Whilst also being aware of thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.

2. We train in this moment-to-moment awareness through inhalation, allowing us
to build the skill of mindfulness so that we can then apply it to everyday life.

3. In teaching the mind and our thoughts to be present, we are teaching
ourselves to be more Mindful — in the present.

4. By inhaling and taking a breath we allow ourselves to not beholden to being
reactive to thoughts and feelings.  To this end it is particularly helpful when faced
with challenging circumstances or difficult situations.

5. It is in these moments of opposition that we find ourselves most vulnerable to
taking shelter in food, alcohol, excessive shopping and sex.

Does it eliminate stress?

Mindfulness doesn’t eliminate stress or other difficulties.  However, by being aware of unpleasant thoughts and emotions that arise because of challenging situations.   Therefore, we have more choice in how to handle them in the moment.  As a result, we have a better chance of reacting calmly and empathetically when faced with stress or challenges.

Does it stop me from getting Angry?

Of course, practicing mindfulness does not mean we never get angry.  Rather, in this instance, it allows us to be more thoughtful in how we want to respond.  Whether that means calmly and empathetically or perhaps, occasionally with measured anger.

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To your health and wellbeing

xx Kimberley xx

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