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Eco Warrior 20kg - Refill for Clean Fiend and all the other smaller containers

All uses including large areas - Ideal for businesses

One-stop shop and beyond - for businesses and homes:

  • Refill smaller Prana+Therapy containers
  • Mopping
  • Laundry
  • Carpet cleaning machines
  • Floor steamer
  • Car: tires, wheels, dash, windows, carpet cleaner, exterior areas

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Need a bit of leverage? Try the handy 5KG & 20KG cap opener.

Collections: Prana+Therapy

With over 100 uses, Prana+Therapy formula can replace over 60 commonly used household products. From cleaning, first aid, beauty, to baby and pet care.


Refill: Trusty Companion, Clean Fiend 400 ml, Heavenly Creature 200 ml, Natures Hero 100 ml, and Little Crusader 50 ml


Big needs: laundry, diffuser, floors, carpet, and upholstery


Baby: clean, soothe & refresh

Soothe diaper rash, face, hands, cuts, scrapes, irritated skin, hair, and scalp. Safely clean and sanitise toys, car seats, toothbrush, hair brush, combs, cups, eating utensils. Spray to calm and relax.


Beauty body: clean & refresh

Nourish and hydrate dry irritated skin. Soothe itchy eyes and ears, remove make-up & tone face, Spray to restore and balance. Spray for feminine hygiene to relieve and restore. Brush for lash and brow care.


Beauty things: clean and sanitise: soak; make-up brushes and beauty implement. Spray and wipe; Make-up compacts, lip balms, and lipstick. Facial tools and devices: derma-roller, Nu skin & Nu Body units.




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