Gua Sha Facial Roller


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$39.50 Amethyst

$36.50 Lapis Lazuli

$33.50 Rose Quartz

Benefits of using a Gua Sha facial Roller:

✔ Reduces the appearance of small wrinkles and expression lines
✔ Improves product absorption for maximum benefits
✔ Tones and firms the appearance of your skin
✔ Reduces puffiness and improves the elasticity of the skin
✔ Cools and calms the appearance of your skin
✔ Reduces stress

The roller helps you get more from your products while enjoying a relaxing massage.

Method : 
After cleansing with Foam & Go and finishing with the Prana+Therapy formula for toning apply Mana Bohdi Butter or Mana Bohdi Oil, then roll the tool in an upward direction.

With each roll, your products will work their way deeper into your skin, helping you receive their full benefits.

The roller can be cooled in the refrigerator to improve its anti-inflammatory
and soothing effects. This way, it supports circulation and natural collagen
production, drains congested lymph nodes, and rids the body of toxins.

Regular use of this massage tool, can help in reducing the look of puffiness as it cools and soothes your skin.

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