Beth, Wild Earth Organics, Tauranga

Happiness and smiles, couldn't have said it better ourselves. Use PranaTherapy all the time for everything and watch your happiness and smiles increase.

Dhruva and Jahnavi, Torbay

My friend's kid loves PranaTherapy and cannot get enough, saying more over and over, we love that he loves it so much.

Fee, Takapuna

Right to the point Fee!

Bev, Long Bay

Loves Prana and loves being clean!

JaneMaree, Silverdale

Amazing asthma improvements.

Ruth, Timaru

Our PranaTherapy people are the best!

Kowhai, Whangarei

At Wise Cicada I ran in to one of our many PranaTherapy supporters for many years sharing how she uses it.

Charlotte, Auckland

On a photo shoot I find another PranaTherapy lover who said her mum got her using it as they value health, a perfect match for PranaTherapy.

Kate, Nature's Sway, Te Atatu South

Kate has been using PranaTherapy for years and has found some healing uses and sells it to mums for use on their babies. She makes the best baby carriers and I'm buying one from her in 3 months for my first little girl!