Pranatics Podcast

Kimberley Gabbard is smiling and the words Pranatics are on the image

Hi, I'm Kimberley Gabbard, creator of Prana+Therapy and I love talking about Health and Wellness, in particular the amazing benefits and uses of Prana+Therapy.🥰

In particular topics of interest to me are holistic health and wellness and other alternative healing modalities, which I discuss in this podcast called PRANATICS.

What is a Pranatic?

Well you'll have to listen to Episode 2 to find out😁.

Why did we start a Podcast?

That's kind of a funny story, but to be honest it's what worked with us the best. We realised that the only way that people really understand our Remedy and how it works, is by through education of the amazing benefits to using Prana+Therapy daily.

In these podcasts there are conversations with other users of the formula, how they use it and what it has helped them with.

Because it is an intuitive remedy it will be used in different ways, as it is needed. The journey of discovery reveals so many levels to how effective this synergistic blend of 19 essential oils can be.

If you are a Prana+Therapy user and would like to share your Pranatic story with Kimberley, please get in touch. Also if you have a healing modality that you would like to talk about, I would love to hear all about it.

To your health and wellbeing

xx Kimberley xx