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What is Prana+Therapy?

“Prana+Therapy” is a unique blend of 19 high-quality organic and wild crafted 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.  This unique combination through synergy, creates an active formula that is used to sanitise, cleanse, revive and balance.

This is 1 formulation and the different personalities and sizes of containers make it convenient for our customers to use Prana+Therapy for a variety of applications.

The Science Behind Prana+Therapy

We had Prana+Therapy tested at Hill Laboratory in Hamilton NZ with the following results.

  • E. coli reduced 99.90% after one minute and 99.998% after five minutes.

  • Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) reduced 56.52% after one minute and 99.43% after five minutes.

  • Pseudomnas aeruginosa reduced 74.36% after one minute and 99.78% after five minutes.

We know that you will find these results to be nothing short of mind blowing and offer a glimpse in to the effectiveness and power of Prana+Therapy.