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We often get asked...How can one formulation have so many applications?

The true beauty of Prana+Therapy is its abilities as a complete answer.

Not only can Prana+Therapy be used for your home, body, skin & mind but it's even beneficial for your pets, and more!

We know it sounds crazy, we also know that if you were to give Prana+Therapy a try,

you too will understand how versatile and effective it can be.

Who knows, you might even become what we like to call a Pranatic.

The science explains it all. In short, it has to do with the active ingredients.

  • There are 19 pure organics, wildcrafted, medicinal grade essential oils that all work together in synergy, making each oil 100+ times more potent than if it was used individually.
  • The second most important part to understand about the Prana+Therapy formulation is that these 19 oils are added in a precise order and added in a precise dosage to the dilution ratio.
  • It is the dilution ratio that makes this formula both effective and at the same time beneficial for all to use.
  • The Prana+Therapy essential oil infusion is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic.
  • It is ideal for counteracting harmful pathogens that can play havoc with your health.
  • However, this single formula is also working collectively to restore, nurture and balance a multitude of skin and other bodily afflictions.
  • This is how and why this one formulation can address and correct so many imbalances in the home, your body, your skin and even your pets.


Simply spray, inhale, rub and absorb the goodness!


Prana+Therapy is your first line of defence!!


Please note: that many of the benefits and results can be felt immediately and some may take several months to see improvement,

such as skin, hair and scalp conditions.

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