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z-Eco Warrior Companion - Magic Stone Aromatic Diffuser

There is a tale about the magic stone in the beautiful western grasslands. It can absorb parts of the rainbow and all kinds of flowery fragrances after the refreshing summer rain. After a long time, the magic stone has an amazing ability to release it's absorbed powers. When touched softly it will release the rainbow and aromas to fill it's surroundings with joy.
Own your own magic stone.

Simply add full strength Prana+Therapy and enjoy the comforts of a flame free mist and the spread of beautiful fragrances.

Product Features

Relax to the slow changing LED colors or fix it on your favorite color.
Enjoy the stylish cobblestone design great for decorating any room or studio.
Feel at ease with the its safety-function, which automatically switches itself off when the liquid runs out by the advanced ultrasonic sensing technology.

Product Specification

Product Size:169×124.5×96mm
Water Load: 80ml Voltage: DC 24V
Power: 12W Light: LED 12pcs ( Blue + Green + Red)
Available in: white or black VIDEO

Collections: Eco Warrior Companions

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