z-Eco Warrior Companion - IPPLE Aromtherapy Diffuser

This ultrasonic technology, combined with Prana+Therapy, produces negative ions and aromas that elevate your well being by dispersing essential oil molecules into the air, neutralising air-borne pathogens.

By breaking up Prana+Therapy into millions of micro-particles, a stream of air diffuses activated ingredients of Prana+Therapy, which can be easily absorbed by the body and freshen the room for longer.

Using aromatherapy principles, your body will gradually relax, and your skin will be moisturized at the same time.

The high volume output of this diffuser means that there are less re-fills required so that you can be sure of having Prana+Therapy taking care of you through-out the day and night.

Healthy & Environmentally-Friendly - No burning, no heating, maintains the integrity of Prana+Therapy.

Superior quality,
Elegant and simple design for decoration
Beautiful LED at the base
Large water tank (180ml) for more than 7 hrs use.

Size: 180 x 83 x 149mm
Power: 10W
Voltage: DC 24V
Water capacity: 180ml

Collections: Eco Warrior Companions

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