Prana+Therapy Formula 200ml

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We are all heavenly creatures and because of this, we need to take extra special care of ourselves in the most natural way possible.  Prana+Therapy is like a Valentine for your soul, with its 19 perfectly synergised essential oils in spray form,  it can nurture, cleanse, soothe, refresh and restore you throughout the day in a number of practical and vital ways.


With its amazing healing properties, Prana+Therapy is perfect for the following uses and is especially good to protect and heal the skin by restoring the natural PH balance.


Some of our suggested uses for Prana+Therapy are as follows:-

Beauty body: clean & refresh

  • Nourish and hydrate dry irritated skin.
  • Soothe itchy eyes and ears,
  • remove make-up & tone face,
  • Spray to restore and balance.
  • Spray for feminine hygiene to relieve and restore.
  • Brush for lash and brow care. 
  • Spray underarms to deodorise and
  • use as a mouthwash. 
  • To calm flyaway hair and to nourish spray directly onto hair. 
  • Soothing for after shaving burn and
  • also to heal cuts, bites, and stings.

Beauty things: clean and sanitise

  • Soak make-up brushes and beauty implements. 
  • Spray and wipe: Make-up compacts, lip balms, and lipstick. Facial Tools and devices: derma roller, Nu skin & Nu Body units.

Baby's Care:

  • Refresh babies room,
  • sanitise nappy bag,
  • clean changing table and
  • deodorise nappy bin, clothing, and laundry. 
  • Use it for calming and soothing, nappy rash,
  • to clean and sanitise toys, and
  • also, spray on the baby’s hands and face for deodorising and cleansing. 
  • For sanitising and cleaning car seats, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, comb, cups, and eating utensils.


Kids & Teenagers:

  • Spray on skin to calm acne and other skin issues. 
  • Use as a spray and inhale to calm when anxious. 
  • The reverse can also be used to refresh and restore.


NOTE: full details of where and when to drop your bottles for re-fill are contained in your order confirmation email.



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