Jai Neti Pot


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This Neti Pot, designed to help you keep your nose and sinuses clean and clear, is made from 100% plant based material (bamboo).

Benefits of using a neti pot:

  • reduce pollen or allergens in nasal passages
  • reduce tinnitus and middle ear infections
  • remove excessive mucous
  • helps to abate sinusitis or migraine attack
  • alleviate upper respiratory complaints like sore throats, tonsilitis, dry coughs  t
  • relieve nasal dryness
  • clear nostrils to allow free breathing
  • reduce cold and flu symptoms
  • alleviate sinus headaches
  • improve sense of smell and taste
  • beneficial in dealing with asthmatic conditions
  • reduce snoring
  • improve concentration and quality of your meditation
  • people have experienced a reduction in their anger and increase in sense of peace by practicing Jai Neti regularly.

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