Baby Bundle Gift Pack 2

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Ideal gift or babies bag on the go!

This package comes in a beautiful durable Hessen bag 

1x Foam & Go facial cleanser 50ml

Is a gentle foaming cleanser for all skin types and especially for little ones. It can also be used as a hand cleanser at home or on the go, in place of soap and water. It absorbs easily into hands and left on guards against germs leaving hands feeling clean and moisturised.  

Foam & Go is infused with the Prana+Therapy formulation of 19 pure organic synergised essential oils: a cell-renewing elixir that calms redness, inflammation, restores and nourishes, leaving skin feeling cleansed without the dryness. Foam & Go cleanser is ideal for babies and those that suffer form eczema, chapped, dry and irritated skin

1x Prana+Therapy aluminium with cap - 100ml 

We need to take extra special care of our little ones in the most natural way possible.  Prana+Therapy is perfectly synergised with pure essential oils in a water base spray form. This wonder formulation is nurturing, cleansing, soothing, refreshing and restores the pH for healthy delicate skin. Prana+Therapy also works wonders on nappy rash. It can be use  throughout the day in a number of practical vital ways for you and baby. 

4 x Prannies Reusable facial towelettes

Ideal for a multitude of task. However for our little ones they are ideal for cleaning and soothing chapped dry and irritated skin.   

Directions for use:
After use, you can wash out and hang to dry. Re-use each Prannie up to 4 times.

Key ingredients:Prana+Therapy formulation: a cell-renewing elixir that calms redness and inflammation and restores and nourishes the skin. Infused into re-useable 100% eco-friendly bamboo cotton facial wipes. Gentle enough to be used on babies and sunburned skin. Besides deep cleaning the skin, these wipes can also rejuvenate, soften, and restore the pH balance.

1x Shampoo Body Bar 65g 

Our Shampoo & Body Bar is infused with the Prana+Therapy formulation: a cell-renewing elixir that calms redness, inflammation, restores and nourishes the skin and hair. Ideal for eczema, rashes and sensitive skin. 

As a shampoo, it is gentle for babies tender scalp and hair. Leaving a vibrant, clean scalp & shinny healthy hair

To get the most from this decadent cleansing bar, it comes in a special cloth soap bag, which can then be used to prevent slimy residue. Left in the bag for use acts as a gentle exfoliator. 

1x Prana+Therapy Calendula Cream 100g

Calendula has blood-cleansing properties and is a natural skin healer. Hence, it can be used to treat any skin condition. It can be used to treat nappy rash, burns, scalds, cuts, abrasions, and infections due to its antiseptic and healing qualities. Increasing blood flow can speed up wound healing. It can also prevent bleeding by sealing small blood vessels. The Prana+ Therapy Calendula Cream is a must have for both mum and bub. 

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