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Trusty Companion 400ml Furry and Feathered Friends

For all our furry and feathered friends “Trusty Companion” is a champion!

With each and spray, through inhalation you and your companion receive the …… powers of Prana+Therapy this is known as…… The P.H.E. Effect

Smaller friends: Dogs-cats-birds-chickens-rabbits

Larger fiends: Horses, goats, sheep


Use for: Dry irritated skin- cuts-burns-odours- after flee care- beds-bowls-toys-mites-bites-cages- perches, shiny coats-feathers, ears, eyes, paws and claws, soothing and calming,



For finishing: Spray & leave on; coat, paws and claws after bath and blow


Post flee care:

To relief irritation, itch and stop scratching: Spray and leave 2-3x daily


Cleaning & sanitise:

Spray and wipe: beds-bowls-toys-cages, nest,


Mites and bites:

Spray 3x and leave 1x daily


Dry and irritated skin:

Spray 3x on dry irritated area, 2 to 3 x daily


Shiny fur and feathers:

Lightly spray 1x daily


Ear and eye irritations:

To clean ear, spray cotton bud and swap infected area. Lightly spray for eye irritations