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Clean Fiend 400ml All your household & personal needs

Winter-Spring-Summer or Fall “Clean Fiend” does it all!

With each and spray, through inhalation you receive the …… powers of Prana+Therapy

This is known as ………… The P.H.E. Effect


Kitchen: Clean, shine, refresh and sanitise

Spray, rub and wipe: Bench tops- appliances-cutting broads- screens -windows-remove wax and pesticides from produce. Spray and leave burns & cuts, Spray to deodorise.


Bathroom: Clean and Sanitise

Spray, rub and wipe: Shower-sink-mirror-tub-toilet


General cleaning: Clean and refresh

Spay cloth and wipe: dusting


Personal care implements: Clean and sanitise

Soak: Make-up brushes- hairbrushes- combs- hair clips-manicure & oral implements


Body: Soothe-calm-clean and sanitise

Spray and leave: feminine hygiene-body-face -feet-rashes-dry irritated skin-sunburns-cold sores -underarm spray- mouth wash-piercings-dry scalp- finishing hair rinse for shine


Car: Clean and shine

For a quick clean and shine: spray direct on body, windows and hubcaps(for best results spray and clean one area at a time)

Spray cloth & wipe: dash, seats, car seats, knobs and handles