Pranatic Podcast with Adrian Stewart

November 22, 2020

Pranatic Podcast with Adrian Stewart

Adrian Stewart is a dear friend and was once one of our top sales associates at Prana NZ. I met Adrian in early 2013 through our spiritual community in NZ. Adrian is from the USA like myself and now living in NZ with his lovely wife Malinka and two beautiful children. In addition to being a hands-on, full-time father and running his own business, Adrian organises events in our Mantra Meditation community. I really admire him as he is a real go-getter.

It only seemed natural that I wanted to talk to Adrian because not only is he a pleasure to be around, but his love for Prana+Therapy is contagious and inspiring, and he is also a long time PRANATIC. So without further adieu, here are the notes from our Podcast. Adrian was really pleased to talk with me because he says he's been in love with Prana from the very first second he smelt it, and here's why...Or head over to the PODCAST and listen here!

K: Can you tell us your first reaction when you first inhaled Prana?

A: It blew me away. It was like being transported to another universe. I mean, it was the first inhalation, you know our bodies know what's right for us, and within a nanosecond of my body taking it in, I just was totally in love. My body just embraced it. It was a happy lovely just incredible experience from the very first second.

K: I would like to know because you do go through a lot of Prana. What is your preference? Original Formula, or Sandalwood and Lemongrass.

A: I'm Lemongrass guy all day long, haha! In my humble opinion, the Lemongrass is a superior product with higher energy, more potency, more kick, more happiness more life. So not to take away from the original because I still do like it, and it's, of course, incredible, but for me personally, the Lemongrass is another step up.

K: Yes, there are many fans of the Lemongrass, which with that added, offers a few more skin benefits.

A: I use it on my skin all the time!  Prana does help. However, my skin is mostly genetic from my mother. Which is why my skin looks great and healthy my wife's really envious. Especially at the lack of wrinkles at almost 50 even though I've been in the sunlight my entire life. But to answer your question, I do use it on my face and everywhere...

K: What is your most memorable experience of using Prana+Therapy.

A: the most memorable is when I used to do samples and had a little stand set up, and I'd be spraying it everywhere. Anyway, I was at the front of the store one day and sprayed some Prana. Then there was somebody probably 6 to 10 m away who came basically running up to me and was like, "what is that smell" You know, it kind of drew them in like a Genie. Even without knowing anything about it. They didn't know me but similar to me, their body told them, "I have to have this," and they bought the Prana right on the spot. They didn't want to know what it was, what it does, or what's in it; they just knew it clicked. 

K: Yeah, and that's where the Intuitive part comes into it. Because you, Adrian, were the first person to come up with the word intuitive in our communication. Would you say that this was the moment where that word intuitive came to you? That was one specific memory where someone was drawn across the store by it.

A: It's more about being intuitive; we've listed 100's of uses, but there are really thousands, if not more, and I'm still finding uses for it now in my own life, so I'm sure that would be the case for your customers as well! There's always more. It's an unlimited number of uses; it's ever-increasing. And it's generated by the user.

K: So in 20 words or less, how would you describe Prana+Therapy? What does that mean to you, you know, like your elevator speech?

A: Using Prana+Therapy is a Foundation for Health,Happiness and Cleanliness.

K: So, getting a little personal here, you can share as little or as much as you want. What are some of the ways that you use Prana+Therapy that are male gender-specific? We do have men who are using Prana mostly because women customers buy it for their partners, husbands, and sons, but we also have men who purchase it independently. I don't really know all the ways and haven't had those conversations with them about how they're using it. Could you share with us the unique ways that you use it? Some Man Moments?

A: Well, I use it as I have sensitive skin, and I like to shave every day. So for me, I use it on my face right after I shave, and it soothes and cools, and energizes the skin. That is my primary "man use," but as far as any other strictly male areas or male uses, I don't really do anything special there, but I use it on my man face all the time😁. I use it on my feet, too, because it feels good when you're sweaty or under your armpits. For some of those smelly moments! I use it in my mouth, also, as a mouthwash, breath spray, and it just feels great. Clears energy and makes things pleasant.

K: So you know how we get together, and we have gatherings, and we have a large number of people in a small space, and there is cooking going on, and we're doing meditations, with lots of people

Being that you help put on some of these events and Prana + Therapy is one of the products that you use in the event. Can you just share some of the ways you know you use it when big gatherings of people come together and keep a room clean and keep the environment clean?


A: One of the things we like to do in large gatherings is to have if not one diffuser, a few diffusers and have them strategically placed because Prana will help reduce the spread of viruses bacteria, and so the diffusers help.   We also have several Prana bottles around for people to use, and always say,  just don't touch your face and your nose and your ears or your mouth if possible.  But you know, just have plenty of Prana around, before and after you eat and go to the toilet, or basically anytime you do anything, just use Prana.

K: Being that it is nice and safe, and it's a remedy, and it's healthy and good for you, then people will be more inclined to use it.

A: Everybody loves it, you know. Kind of like the person at the store, when you bring it to an event, and people use it, they immediately accept it. They just know that it's right. In the kitchen too. Before you prepare any food, you want to clean your hands, the surfaces, clean everything you are using, and then once it has all been "pranatised," you are all good to go, no worries.

K: Yes, it makes people feel safe. Don't have to worry about the spread of germs.

 A: Exactly...Where there are Prana, there's a Safe Space!

K: So as a Pranatic...

A: You know I came up with that term, don't you?

K: Ha, Ha, yes, I know you did... I give you credit. 

So, How much Prana+Therapy do you go through?

A: As a family of 4, I speculate in the 5 to 10 litres per month range at least 5, but if I'm taking lots of baths, probably closer to 10.

K: So you put it in your bath 🛀?

A: Yes, absolutely!

K: Yes, that's one of my favourite ways too!

A: You can't have a bath without Prana.🧡

K: So being a Pranatic, you will be using a lot more Prana than, say, someone who is just using it for cleaning hands or, you know, spraying it on benchtops.

A: Well, yes, I've got kids, and as everyone knows, when you've got kids, they are messy and dirty, and I've got one kid in nappies, so little butts always need cleaning & little butts love Prana👼. And I actually can't imagine; I don't know how anybody raises kids and cleans poopy nappies without Prana, because for us, it's an absolute mandatory product. Its life, you know, like my wife will be "the babies done this"... so where's the Prana...?` We have a system set up to have it handy even when we go to the park.

K: You don't have to worry about water; that's the convenience of it.

A: Yes, it's just sprayed, and then it's clean.

  • I use it in my laundry, so my laundry always smells nice.
  • I've got diffusers going all the time.
  • I have 6 or 7 Clean Fiends for cleaning the kitchen and the bathrooms and the bedrooms. I'm always cleaning with it.
  • Always dowse me with it too, just because it lifts your mood, and if you're stressed out, it can chill you out, but if you're down, it'll lift you up. It's like what you need at the moment. It's an equalizer!
  • Then, of course, my bath, my kids take lots of baths, and it's terrific on the skin, so you can feel the difference if you take a bath with just water or just magnesium salt. It's different than with Prana; it is more soothing.

K: Yes, it releases all the beautiful essential oils. You don't have to worry about mixing. As an aromatherapist, I don't even worry. I used to combine all my own blends for the tub and skincare, and now I just say why bother? It's just too easy to spray myself with Prana or add it to the tub. It's a no brainer!

A: So, right, Prana is excellent for everything; you don't have to tweak it or water it down. It's ready to go.

K: Thanks Adrian, for that; it gives our audience some ideas. If there was a question I haven't asked, it would be... is there anything that you want to share extra because it's kind of different covered angles of Prana and ways that you use it, is there anything you want to add on?

A: I would say that you're not living your life to the full potential without Prana in your life because for me, I am I'm always anxious that Prana may not be available! I mean, how can I live my life without Prana? That's where I'm at. I don't want it to ever go away. It's an integral part of my life. I changed so many people to use it: international, you know, Hawaii, Texas, Louisiana, all over New Zealand and Australia. Because you know when people get it ...they really get it!!

K: And you have a term for that?

A: I found many people who were using Prana were only using some of it just weren't getting it!! I would go to the house, and it would not smell ideal because it had been in the same place years and years; you know they have a small bottle and years later they have it.

K: Yes, so just like any other product. It's a plant-based product, and there are no preservatives or binders, so after. You know we have our best buy use date on our bottles and container, and there is a reason for that. Just like with a bag of chips, you wouldn't just leave them lying around, and while I'm sure they are edible, but they aren't fresh anymore.

A: So what I saw what I mean by that is some people are using Prana, but they didn't really click, or they didn't really get it! So when you are using a lot for basically every task, you do everything you do in life, and those are the getters, and we have some getters, and I'm a super getter, you're probably the "Supreme" getter, well I'm sure you use it even more than me. But it's really consciousness of realizing what an incredible product this is and how it intertwines in your life. And so we got the users and then the getters.

Which is ok, we want you to be a user, but we also want you to be a getter because as a getter, it gets a lot better!

K: Great, Adrian, thank you,  that was good!

Tell us a little more about your meditation group?

A: Yes, thanks for asking. A lot of people in our meditation community, of course, use Prana, and we do lots of events, as you said. Prana is the featured measure for safety and precaution. There are many people in our community, you know, who use it daily.

So we practice Mantra meditation, which is sound meditation, and you can find more information at, and we are on Facebook, so if you want to come to check it out and it'd be really lovely to have anybody to come see what we are about.

We are doing some exciting things in the community. Going into the prison system and having some interactions with the Drug Court here in Auckland, so many really nice things are going on. And then there are the weekly gatherings on Sundays at the Grey Lynn Community Centre. We are also live-streaming the meetings so you can jump online anywhere in the world. We are very fortunate that we are one of a few places where people can get together because this is a practice it's practiced globally. Still, there is almost nowhere in the world except New Zealand now where you can actually have people get together.

K: Great, well, thank you, Adrian, it's been a pleasure. Thanks for coming and talking and sharing.

Are you a Pranatic with a story to tell?  

Please get in contact ; we'd love to hear from you to find out how you use your Prana+Therapy.

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