Natures Hero - Hone Edmonds

January 21, 2021

Natures Hero - Hone Edmonds

I spoke with my dear friend Hone Edmonds who talks about how he uses Prana+Therapy in my latest podcast.  Prefer to listen to this content head over here...


Hone is a Hay House author, Wilderness adventurer and spiritual teacher, and more recently he has become a bit of a Pranatic.

In his first book Beyond The Horizon Into The Light Return from Death, Hone shares the extraordinary story of his near-death experience that occurred on Thursday the 13th of November 2008.  

After his heart stopped, he returned after being resuscitated and waking from a coma. What makes his story fascinating is that Hone's after-death experience is considered one of the world's longest to survive without a heartbeat.  

Featuring on shows and interviews worldwide and coming from the same publishing house as Deepak Chopra, the late Dr Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue, Hone travels the world conducting Satsangs, Meditations, Silent retreats and Wilderness Retreats.  

Hones story in his first book is about how he came from a farming and business background and now travels the world with his whole life in a backpack.

He now assists those who seek the answers to their own lives and helps them with questions such as :

  • who am I and what is my soul purpose?
  • What is death, what is life?
  • What is my existence, love, passion, healing, relationships? 

He also deals with God, religion, culture, conditioning, ancestral healing, fear, and more. 

The wisdom that he possesses from deep within his conscious was activated during his journey back from the other side. He holds this gift preciously, and in doing so, he helps others unlock the very same presence of peace and understanding from within.

Prana+Therapy is a perfect solution for someone like Hone, who has chosen to simplify his lifestyle.

Hone just loves the wilderness and can go hiking and camping for days on end. However, feeling confident in this experience requires Hone to be prepared for any eventuality such as getting burnt, bitten, stung, getting foreign objects in his eyes, rashes, chafing and most importantly infection as a result of any or all of the above.

He points out that when you look at all of the above types of incidences, it means having an enormous range of different products. This is where Hone found Prana to be the kind of the product that was able to quantify him having just the one product which saves him an enormous amount of time, effort, cost and weight in his backpack.

I had explained to Hones some of the 100 uses, but it's hard to remember them all and he kind of made some of his own benefits up intuitively. One of which was deodorant. Hone told me that he has been using one brand of deodorant forever, but like all deodorants, they run out, and some don't do the job properly, and it is pretty much a single-use product. Whereas one day he tried using Prana as a deodorant and now he uses that and by using Prana, it satisfies him more than it is refillable and therefore kinder on the environment.

 In our conversation, Hone mentioned the rashes he sometimes gets when hiking, for example, when his backpack cuts into his shoulder or chaffing. It was another intuitive experience for Hone when he had chafing and burned himself from the fire when cooking. Hone explained that with one spray of Prana it eliminated the pain and discomfort quicker than any other product used in the past. 

Whenever I speak with Pranatics I always ask them to share with me an "ah-ha" story where you say "I used Prana on this condition and it worked better than I had ever imagined"! 

Hone said that he probably had more than one Ah-Ha moment. However, the first one was because he has no hair. On one occasion, he got a bit sunburn on his head. Afterwards, his skin started flaking like dandruff, so he sprayed it with Prana through the day, and the pain from the sunburn went away very rapidly, and the acuteness of the sunburn had gone. It had disappeared pretty much within 24hrs.

He said the other one was when a few wood chips got in his eye and rather than using an alternative product that he'd been using for several years, he just used Prana. He applied some to a cloth and then squeezed a drop into his eye. He went on to say that not only did he find it killed the infection or the potential for infection, but it also helped to minimise the long-term pain of having an object in his eye, and it helped to wash the object out safely.

I also asked Hone about how he explained Prana+Therapy to friends. As a Pranatic, when you try and explain to people that it is one formula with so many great uses, often people are sceptical. 

We always say that there are "users" of our formula and there are "Getters". When you are a "getter", it just gets "better".

 Hone said that he tells people mainly what he uses it for i.e.

  • as a body spray,
  • a deodorant 
  • antibacterial remedy
  • cleaner for around his work area at the campsite
  • uses it when travelling as s good to have something you can use to clean your hands, like a natural sanitiser

Hone said that now he always tells people Prana+Therapy is made with a precise combination of 19 essential oils which activates the product to be as effective as possible. He is still really excited about sharing Prana+Therapy to others. Mainly when he tells people who have a house full of different products. Once I show them the various ways you can use it as a cleanser, tonic, revitaliser and rejuvenator, it enables them to slowly work at eliminating all the other products and replacing them with our formula.

I explained to Hone, that sometimes there is a journey for people to understanding how the formula works as an emotional equaliser, balancer. Still, simultaneously, you use it to clean with, and that comes from the inhalation.

I still love talking to people about Prana, and hearing from them later about their unique experiences. So I was really thankful to Hone for taking the time to speak with me.

If you'd like to get in touch with Hone to book one of his experience, or would like any more information you can just go to my Facebook page which is JHB Edmonds. Author, Spiritual Teacher, or you can flick him a message on

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